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As a leading company in the commercial doors industry, Element Doors provides a fast and reliable door replacement solutions for all types of door applications.


You need 100% control over who gets inside your building. There’s no way around it. The best way to do that is to install a rock-solid, secure front door.

Recovering from a break-in is expensive and time-consuming. Your business activity is interrupted while repairs are made. Add to that, your reputation as a secure building gets damaged when tenants, workers, and students see that intruders can get in.

Things can get complicated when you factor in that your entrance also needs to be inviting and capable of handling a large flow of traffic.

You need to be in control of that traffic during the day and have peace of mind at night, and Element Commercial Doors is your full-service solution.


We can design a perfect door and hardware solution to fit best for your application.


We offer ready primed doors or finished doors with customer’s specified color scheme.

Custom Builds

We provide standars and custome size commercial doors


We provide replacement of old or damaged commercial doors.

How It Works

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If you are remodeling or simply want to beef up existing protection infrastructure, Element has the design skills, products, and installation crews ready to go.

With years of experience in replacements and upgrades, Element can retrofit the vast majority of commercial spaces.

Element has a strong locksmith and tech background. We are a one-stop shop that:

  •     Installs knockdown frames or works with welded steel frames
  •     Installs every variety of metal door (bullet-proof, hollow, solid steel)
  •     Installs all lock hardware
  •     Hooks up key card or mobile-first access control
  •     Designs and installs audio or video intercom systems

When Element is done, you have fully tech-integrated, secure, ready-to-use metal doors.

Impressive results in a short time

5 Stars Rating

Fast and Professional

Professional installation

Match Your Specification

Element has a small, tight-knit team of trained professionals committed to the highest level of service. As demand for our services has grown, we have chosen a slow-growth model.

Staying small also keeps us nimble. We turn around jobs much faster than the bigger guys.

This gives us time to train our installers and scrutinize suppliers for the best product. We take our time deciding on contractors and suppliers with whom we’ll partner.  

High Tech, Well Thought Out Products Equal Security

Our reputation and your safety depend on the products we install. We stand behind a suite of tools that increase security and put usability front and center.

Security Glass. A door is only as strong as its weakest point. With break-ins and vandalism on the rise in Seattle, property owners are becoming more aware that standard glass in any door is a vulnerability. Element offers security glass in doors that can take a beating without shattering, while also allowing in light and maintaining the highest visibility.

Frontline Defense is the world’s only manufacturer of the patented Full-Length Interlocking Astragal Door Lock, known as the Interlocker. Overlapping vertical steel flanges frustrate thieves by making it impossible to access inner door hardware. A door with a Frontline Defense Lock is essentially impossible to breach.

Butterfly MX adds a visual element to traditional intercom systems. Homeowners use a phone app to access a live video feed from a front door screen interface. Entrance is only granted when the tenant can see a familiar face and confirm the identity of the guest.

Pro Data Key (PDK) is a smartphone-based technology that offers mobile-first access control. Employees are granted access to interior doors through a centralized cloud-based software system. It’s an evolution of plastic card-based systems that is infinitely more flexible and can be scaled up or down easily.

When you’re ready to upgrade to more secure exterior and interior door solutions

Wherever Security Is Needed

Our work has increased the security in schools and industrial facilities. For example, Ash Grove Cement Company came to us to beef up its points of entry. Their existing doors were adequate, but not what they could be. We replaced all their existing doors with heavy-duty hollow metal doors.

Sadly, synagogues and religious institutions have recently been the targets of hate crimes and violent threats. Element has stepped in to offer our design and installation services to local Seattle houses of worship. Parishioners and churchgoers can now leave their buildings unguarded at night knowing that no one will be kicking in their front doors.

With large amounts of cash on hand, cannabis businesses have come to us for interior access control to keep inventory excluded from the front office. Managing the number of visitors keeps staff safe and a well-designed front-entry system is key to setting up that traffic flow. As an attractive target for criminals, these businesses also require the sturdiest of exterior doors. Element has been a proud supplier and installer for this burgeoning industry.

Technical Definition and Characteristics of Hollow Metal Doors: Performance, Durability, and Enhanced Security

A hollow metal door is a type of door constructed with a metal frame and metal skins, typically made of steel, featuring a hollow core within its structure. It is designed to provide robust performance, durability, and security in commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. The key characteristics of a hollow metal door include:

1. Performance: Hollow metal doors are engineered to meet specific performance requirements, such as fire resistance, sound insulation, and thermal efficiency. They are commonly available with fire ratings to withstand varying durations of exposure to fire and high levels of heat.

2. Durability: The use of metal, particularly steel, ensures the door’s strength and resistance to physical impacts, wear and tear, and harsh environmental conditions. This durability helps the door withstand heavy use and abuse over an extended period.

3. Security: Hollow metal doors are known for their enhanced security features. The metal construction provides a high level of resistance against forced entry and unauthorized access. They can be further reinforced with security hardware, such as heavy-duty locks and hinges, to enhance their protective capabilities.

4. Stability: The hollow metal door’s structure offers stability and structural integrity, even with its hollow core design. The metal frame and skins provide rigidity and support, preventing warping, bending, or distortion over time.

5. Customizability: Hollow metal doors come in a range of sizes, designs, and finishes, allowing customization to suit specific architectural and aesthetic requirements. They can be fitted with various hardware options, such as vision panels, louvers, and different types of handles.

6. Maintenance: Hollow metal doors are relatively low-maintenance, requiring minimal upkeep to maintain their performance and appearance. They are resistant to rot, decay, and insect infestations commonly associated with other door materials like wood.

In summary, a hollow metal door is a durable, high-performance door constructed with a metal frame and skins, known for its security, stability, and customization options. It is designed to withstand demanding environments while providing long-lasting performance and protection.

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