Forced Entry Doors

Element Doors specializes in steel doors and frames. We pride ourselves on our expertise in doors of highest quality metal that can withstand forced entry.

Our forced entry doors are robust and can easily prevent resist attack from heavy duty tools.

Whether highly skilled attackers use axes, hammers, crowbars, pliers or power drills, our steel doors give you the guarantee of security.

These doors are not easy to penetrate and are touted to be secure from forced entry or external threat.

Our forced entry doors are easy to operate and are strong enough to protect your building from any outside threat in any environment.

These doors are available for interior and exterior environment and look classy and beautiful despite their stealth and durability. 

They have a distinct visual appeal that grabs eyeballs at first sight. 

With a rise in the number of forced entry cases, it is crucial for a business to take the necessary precautions to protect their organization from forced entry, which could otherwise cost a business dear.

It is important to be proactive and focus on stringent security measures to deter criminals that from breaking in. Protect yourself by strengthening your entrance with forced entry doors that provide the much-needed security from theft or forced entry.

Some of the features of forced entry doors include:

Ceiling indicator lights

Electromagnetic wing locks

Anti-tailgating detection

Adjustable speed of the door

Why Trust Element Doors

At Element Doors, we can custom design doors to match with your existing doors as per your style, size, and finish preferences.

The heavy-duty doors are classified as forced entry doors that are bullet resistant too.

Forced entry poses a serious risk to a building. It is here that a door assembly becomes the first line of defense against forced entry, burglary, attack, or theft.

Element Doors professionals consider

  • The severity of risk to the building.
  • The risk of physical attack or burglary.
  • The need for bullet resistant doors.

At Element Doors

We believe that the secret to security against forced entry is to keep it a secret.

Our professionals can replace your existing doors and windows with top-grade forced entry solutions that don’t betray the purpose they are meant for. 

Our forced entry security glazing retrofit can withstand various attack tools, including ballistic attacks, crowbars, and sledgehammers.

Element Doors’ custom-designed retrofit systems are easy to install and create a strong security barrier, which can be replaced hassle free in the event of damage from an attack.

The Element Doors Advantage

Customers can depend on Element Doors for replacement parts and restoration and retrofitting services. The leading Seattle steel door supplier cares as much about your property security as you do. Let us help you secure your premises with a forced entry system or door assembly that becomes the first line of defense against theft or burglary. 

We will help you determine the level of protection appropriate for your building according to its location and use.

Government installations are at a high security risk than other buildings.

Our metal doors are tested to meet the criteria for different installations. 

Each door type gets a resistance rating from I to V, which determines the amount of impact it can bear in the event of an attack or forced entry attempt.

As an SDI-certified manufacturer, we focus on designing products that are not only robust and strong against forced entry but also have a visual appeal in terms of aesthetics.

If you seek a forced entry installation in Seattle, get in touch with Element Doors.

Let us put a new twist on an old classic and modify them for better performance as well as aesthetics.

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