Hollow Metal Doors

Element Doors have a wide range of steel doors and metal frames

Top-grade hollow metal doors are robust and highly secure.

They can take a beating and still remain as sturdy as they were designed to be. These high-quality steel doors can be furnished with wood veneer or plastic laminate to maintain their aesthetic look and visual appeal.

Our hollow metal doors come complete with a hollow metal frame. They are easy to use and highly secure with magnetic locks, electrified mortise locks, and electrified panic hardware. These steel doors come in blast- and bullet-resistant versions and are known to be resistant to fire and flood.

Visual appeal

Steel doors are designed with a range of stunning design options. Today, doors are laminated for that visual appeal. Whether you seek a faux finish or a modern stainless steel appearance, steel is a versatile choice for design and environment.


Metal is a long-lasting and sturdy product that requires fewer repairs. As far as performance is concerned, hollow metal steel outperforms other products in terms of sound reduction, fire ratings, security, and vandal resistance. In fact, other products cannot match the longevity, strength, and performance of steel.

Its vast variety of hollow metal doors includes:

  • Force entry
  • Bullet resistant
  • Blast resistant
  • Hurricane resistant
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel-stiffened doors
  • Honeycomb doors
  • Polystyrene metal doors


Typically, a steel door is mounted to aluminum, hollow metal, or wood frames. Element Doors understands that a metal door is as secure as their frame. We focus on sourcing doors that have a strong metal frame. Our commercial steel doors and frames are well-known for their performance and reliability. But that does not mean they are boring or bland in looks. Our unique selection of hollow metal doors gets 5 stars from customers for their awe-inspiring style, safety, and sophistication. 

Installation of steel doors is as important as their strength. Element Doors is #1 hollow metal door installation company in Seattle that installs and repairs hinges, frames, and interior and exterior doors.

#1 hollow metal door installation company in Seattle that installs and repairs hinges, frames, and interior and exterior doors.

with plenty of aesthetic design options. The leading steel doors supplier in Seattle is dedicated to providing reliable and durable solutions for customers. Its hollow metal doors and frames remain a forever favorite of customers who believe that the front door should make a style statement besides being secure, strong, and solid. Hollow metal doors at Element Doors have character and curb appeal besides providing security.

The Element Doors Advantage

Steel is one of the strongest materials that is tensile, durable, and crack-resistant. There are several options in designing hollow metal doors. Some steel doors may be designed with electrified pain hardware or magnetic locks. Element Doors provides a variety of style and size options in its range of hollow metal doors and frames, all of which are designed for securing commercial buildings. 

Element Doors uses only the highest quality materials for its metal doors and frames, which is not susceptible to cracking or wrapping. We pride ourselves on our selection of steel, which is an environmentally sustainable product.

Element Doors supplies doors for any large or small scale project. Our focus is on delivering best-in-class solutions and making everything from sales to ordering, delivery, installation, and maintenance smooth and easy. The locksmith business can efficiently replace doors and frames or repair damaged doors, bolting, latching, and sagging issues.

Get in touch with the leading SDI-certified hollow metal door suppliers in Seattle.

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