Knock Down Hollow Metal Door Frames

Knockdown metal door jambs are trending in the steel door industry.

These are hollow metal frames that are easy to install. The interior stud walls are finished with drywall and designed to secure into the frame with an existing stop.

Knock-down doors eliminate the need for additional trim work

Such metal doors are available in three separate pieces, including strike jamb, hinge jamb, and the head, which lock at the top. Knock-down frames are designed for standard door hardware to fit into a pre-formed opening. Small anchors in the frame make it easy to balance and level. 

They are designed for standard door hardware and can fit in any existing size. Knockdowns are a cost-effective alternative to beat-up jambs for clients who are remodeling for resale. Element Doors supplies these frames as part of compression anchors. These are also supplied as a strap-style base anchor, which is fitted into the drywall where wall baseboards conceal it.


The knockdown steel frame is removable.

It comes with four corner tabs that are welded at the jambs, with each jam having two strap anchors and two adjustable tension anchors.

It is manufactured with 14-, 16-, and 18- gauge galvanized steel.

This type of steel frame come with different options in fire rating, from 20 to 45, 90, and 180 minutes.

Knock down hollow metal frames

The frame come with metal tabs that sit in the jambs and head of the frame.

There are visible seams and screws in the design as they are not welded.

Also called after-set drywall frames, KD frames are installed after the drywall has been applied following the construction of the stud wall.

The metal tabs are inserted into specific slits and then bent with a hammer to hold the pieces together.

Element Doors supplies KD frames with compression anchors. Our top-quality steel knock-down frames wrap the wall.

The Element Doors Edge

Element Doors is a leader in the steel door segment.

We supply top-rated, high-grade steel doors and frames that make your property safe and secure from outside threats.

As the top steel door supplier in Seattle, we distribute, supply, and install commercial-grade finishes that comply with SDI standards.

You can trust Element Doors for the most secure, highest quality knock door frames that are weather resistance and available in different sizes.

Let us custom design a frame profile for your project

We supply them for three-sided door frames.

Prefinished doors and frames are the first choice as they eliminate preparation time at the site as they are assembled in the field. What’s more, they are known for their durability and striking finish after installation at the site.

Painted in a dust-free setting, prefinished doors make a top choice for their quality coating and consistent adhesion.

We supply knock-down frames after the wall is built.

Our KD frames are designed to go into a wall of any thickness. Get in touch with us.

Our experts can customize commercial steel doors for your specific project. Let us help you fabricate knock-down door frames for your project.

With us, you have a guarantee of durability and superior longevity when you invest in KD steel door frames. For added protection, we advise you to select fire-rated steel.

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