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Element Doors has pioneered new technology in the steel door manufacturing industry in Seattle, Washington.

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Element Doors prides itself on its strong, affordable, and energy-efficient steel doors that are the toughest, most durable, and secure entry solutions.

Hollow Metal

Our doors come complete with a hollow metal frame. They are easy to use and highly secure with magnetic locks, electrified mortise locks, and electrified panic hardware. These steel doors come in blast- and bullet-resistant versions and are known to be resistant to fire and flood.


Hollow metal doors are robust and highly secure. They can take a beating and still remain as sturdy as they were designed to be. These high-quality steel doors can be furnished with wood veneer or plastic laminate to maintain their aesthetic look and visual appeal.

Our Innovations

Bring to your door steps durable, cost-effective, and elegant products with the highest energy efficiency ratings. The Seattle steel door manufacturer designs timeless, luxury and minimalistic steel windows and doors. 

Security and Weather Resistance

We have maintained a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Our products speak for themselves. We leverage years of experience to manufacture commercial steel entry solutions that cater to the current trends in the industry and meet the unique preferences of clients. Element Doors works closely with clients to complete high-end projects, from design through installation, construction to architecture.

As steel pioneers

We understand the steel design build process more than the competition. Our construction expertise, unsurpassed customer service, and unmatched design services make us the first choice of brands looking for a partner in entry solutions. 

We’ve been distributing commercial steel doors for decades. Leverage our hands-on experience and technical knowledge to get your hands on products that will exceed your expectations in terms of aesthetics, durability, cost, and strength. 

Let our technicians come to you to assess your requirements and design the best type of entry solution for your business. you can trust us for standard steel doors that are a barrier to forced entry, hollow metal doors that are highly resistant to fire, acoustic metal doors and frames that are sound proof, highest-grade steel doors resistant to bullet or blast. At Element Doors, we understand the need for protection to your installation from the vagaries of weather. With hurricanes and tornadoes posing serious threats to buildings, a weak entry solution cannot protect you and your brand from the fury of nature.


As the top steel manufacturers and suppliers in Seattle, we provide you with tornado-resistant steel doors and frames that safeguard your precious asset from harsh nature elements.

Commercial Door Experts in Seattle

The team at Element Doors comprises commercial door experts who have expertise in the design and installation of entry solutions. We understand the need for a secure entry solution for a commercial property.  let us provide you with the right entry solutions for your commercial establishment and guide you through the planning stage of new construction and remodeling an existing site. 

Doors for commercial buildings need not be boring. They can be designed architecturally to blend several aesthetic elements with security solutions. Impress your potential clients with awe-inspiring, robust, and secure doors and windows that add to the appeal of your property while being equally secure. Remember, a door that looks like a security threat on its own can ward off potential clients. Let the steel door experts at Element Doors figure out the right door and windows for your building and within your budget as an appealing entry with matching electronic or mechanical locks, access control devices, and other security features.

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