Metal Door Installation and Repair Seattle, WA

Looking for friendly, professional commercial door company in Seattle?

Let Element Commercial Doors Seattle assist you with installing a new commercial door for your business.

With security and quality approach, we strive to serve those looking for safe and secure doors for their business and community.

From Ballard to Blue Ridge and Northgate to Madrona, Element Commercial Doors is meeting Seattle’s commercial and industrial steel door needs.

We handle everything from the initial design to purchase to installation and repair. Our broad selection means you won’t have to order from an out-of-town supplier. Element carries every imaginable metal door configuration. If we don’t have it in stock, we can get it.

Designing A Solid Entry

We recognize that every building and every entryway has its unique challenges. Renovation jobs often require non-standard sizes. Architects might specify unique colors, glass, and hardware. Element stands ready to work through all your one-off needs.

Our doors come with ready-to-paint primer and have the option of being delivered in almost any specified color. Our experienced designers can get you from idea to reality in no time.

A Metal Door for Every Use

Commercial doors do a lot more than keep the weather out. We use them to protect occupants from unwanted visitors, noise, fire, and even bullets. At Element Commercial Doors we carry every variety for every job.

Fire Rated for Safety

Almost all exterior entries and some interior passages will call for a fire-rated door. We carry a wide selection of doors that are rated for three hours of fire protection. Keep the code inspector happy and your occupants safe with an Element Commercial door.

Standard Hollow Metal Doors. Low Cost but Solid

Flush hollow metal doors offer a smooth face on either side. Their lack of windows makes them a budget-friendly option. These are the most common in commercial applications and can be found at stair and hallway entries. With proper core material, they become 3-hour fire rated.

Let the Light in With Windows

Hollow metal doors can be augmented with windows for a brighter, more welcoming entry. Typically, these are single windows that range from small squares to almost full-length rectangles. Security glass lets light in and keeps criminals out.

Blast Doors. The Ultimate in Protection.

When you need the highest level of damage control, talk to us about our blast doors. These solid steel doors are designed to withstand fragments and concussive air blasts. While not cheap, they give you peace of mind for high-security building owners.

Heavy Duty Doors to Stop Bullets

Businesses that keep a lot of cash on hand or hold high ticket inventory often need more protection than a solid-steel door can offer. We carry a range of bulletproof doors with internal structural steel frameworks and 10-gauge skins. These doors can resist .50 caliber projectiles and even have bulletproof viewlites.

Stainless Steel. Looks and Durability

High style and functionality meet with our line of stainless-steel doors. The non-porous nature of stainless steel makes it ideal when hygiene is paramount. Easy to clean, solid, rust-proof, and easy on the eyes. Stainless steel is a high-end alternative and we carry it with pride.

Keep Bad Guys Out with Forced Entry Doors

Intruders will try axes, hammers, crowbars, and even drills to get into stores and commercial spaces. And we carry doors that can stop them dead in their tracks. Reinforced steel doors and frames along with mortise locks take a beating without giving access.

Accessories, Repairs, and Installation

Designing and buying your doors is just the beginning. When it comes time to outfit with hinges, handles and installation hardware we have you covered.

Element Commercial Doors offers every type of hardware imaginable. From simple lever door handles to full bar push handles we can help you with every detail needed to complete your project.

We also offer knock-down frames and hardware for easy installation.

Speaking of installation, our trained installers can get your door up in less than a day. We specialize in renovated spaces as well as new construction. And if you just need a repair on an existing frame or to replace an existing door, we’re eager to get it done for you.

Where We Work

We serve the entire Seattle metro area including:

·       Broadview

·       Blue Ridge

·       North Gate,

·       Lake City

·       University District

·       North Seattle

·       West Seattle

·       Fremont

·       Ballard

·       Central Seattle

·       Magnolia

·       Madison Park

·       Lake Union

·       Madrona

·       Capitol Hill

….and other districts in the city and any other locations around Seattle, WA.

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