Access Control For Safety & Management of your Business entry and exit points

At Element Commercial Doors we sell steel doors that give you fortress-like protection and decades-long durability. But even bulletproof doors won’t protect you if you can’t manage who gets into your building.

That is why we’ve partnered with some of the best access control hardware companies in the business.

Visual Confirmation for Apartments and More

Sometimes you need to get eyes on the people on the other side of a door. Unlike stand-alone homeowners, Apartment and condominium tenants are physically distant from their guests when they come for a visit. A buzz-in system with an intercom can give them an audio clue, but for added assurance, video monitoring is the new gold standard.

Our installers at Element Commercial Door are certified Butterfly MX smart intercom installers. This system utilizes smartphone technology and high end software to create a seamless entry experience.

On the front end, when a guest arrives, they use a smart screen embedded in the wall next to the front wall to alert the tenant. The tenant receives a notice on their smartphone that gives them a street level, face-centric view of who is asking for access. Access is then granted, or denied, once visual and audio confirmation are complete.

On the backend, the Butterfly MX system is a property manager’s dream. They can track and review entry logs, issue or revoke property access remotely, and access date-stamped security photos for 365 days.

We have installed the Butterfly MX system at various apartment complexes in the Seattle area. However the system is also used by:

  • HOA’s
  • Gated communities
  • Industrial spaces
  • Commercial/office space
  • Student housing
  • Senior housing

Ditch the Keycard and Go Digital

ProdataKey (Pdk) takes mobile access-control to a whole new level. Element Commercial is proud to offer installation of this smartphone-centric cloud-based control system.

After we install a Pdk Cloud Node and individual door controllers, business owners can use the purpose built app to allow or deny access to any worker or visitor within the building. All they need is their phone to swipe the controller to gain access.

From a leadership perspective this shaves a massive amount of time spent managing keycards. Management can remotely turn access on and off for particular rooms within a building. This technology is helpful for businesses that have large internal spaces with varying levels of security within the building.

For those hesitant to use their phone, Pdk offers bluetooth and RFI-enabled fobs, cards, wristbands, and even stickers.

Interlocking Door Locks. The Ultimate Compliment To High Tech Access Control.

As good as our partner’s systems are, they only work as well as the lock that keeps out unwanted guests. That’s why we install Frontline Defense’s patented Full-Length Interlocking Astragal Door Latch Guard, known as the Interlocker.

Overlapping vertical steel flanges frustrate thieves by making it impossible to access inner door hardware. A door with a Frontline Defense Lock is essentially impossible to breach.

When we combine Astragal Full Length Latch Guard with electric strikes and magnetic locks, you get a combination that is as impenetrable as it gets.

There are two types of electric strike locks we offer, along with magnetic locks.

1.Fail-secure electric strike: Fail-secure electric strike is required for a fire rated opening and will remain locked during a power outage. This is the safer of the two options since it will keep the building secure and will not allow entry into the building if the power goes out. Panic bars bypass the locking mechanism and allow escape from the inside while staying locked on the outside.

  1. Fail-safe electric strike: In the event of a power loss, a fail-safe electric strike will unlock allowing everyone free access to anyone who happens to be around.
  2. Magnetic locks are fail-safe by default. When the power goes out, a magnetic lock will remain unlocked and not function. This creates a serious security risk for a building that needs to remain secure in the event of a power outage. For this reason, we recommend fail-secure electric strikes over magnetic locks.

Keeping Tabs While Away from The Building

The best way to keep intruders out of the building when it is to keep them from attempting a break-in in the first place. Element Commercial Door works with only the best motion sensor products. We install systems that will trip loud security alarms, flood lights, and even calls to security companies.

And, because many buildings are left uninhabited for long stretches, the video monitoring systems that we install give peace of mind.

The days of buying a steel door and throwing a deadbolt on it are long gone. Today’s access control systems are high tech, complex to install, and interconnected to other systems in your building.

When you’re ready to upgrade to more secure exterior and interior door solutions.

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