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Metal doors wear a rustic look but are equally secure and strong.

side-view of Commercial Metal Door with glass

As a Metal Door pioneer

Element Doors is a name to be reckoned with in the metal door industry, known for its outstanding range that speaks of value, class, and security.

Homeowners and commercial property owners can trust Element Doors for its classic range of interior and exterior doors that cater to all choices and preferences.

What sets the metal door supplier in Seattle apart is its selection of vintage styles and contemporary trends that make their doors and frames an ultimate choice to update an old entrance or secure entry to a new building.

Retrofit experts


Element Doors is an experienced hand in retrofitting existing entrances with its wide range of metal doors that are sturdy and secure and equally rustic.

Door experts at Element Doors are aware of the fact that the front door is an important part of a home. But there is more to a front door than security.

Today, a property owner expects to add an aesthetic element to a boring entrance that looks sophisticated and equally stylish.

Types of Metal Doors

As SDI-certified manufacturers, we supply all types of trending doors and frames:


We understand the impact of a fire incident on a building. Luckily, our collection of hollow metal doors gives clients the guarantee of safety. Hollow metal can withstand an inferno episode for at least 3 hours.


No doubt, the prime objective of every commercial or residential building is to secure the entrance and keep the bad guys out. Our amazing range of metal doors has been tested against forced entry. Although they may look like standard doors, they are a barrier to forced entry.


Element Doors has some of the most amazing selection of metal doors and frames that are designed to keep sound at bay.


Metal doors use the top-grade material to make a property secure against a bullet attack or blast. As the leading Seattle metal door suppliers, we supply bullet-resistant assemblies that protect the occupants from shrapnel.


A standard door may not be equipped to handle a tornado. Luckily, Element Doors has a huge range of tornado-resistant steel doors and frames that can withstand a tornado storm speeds of 250 mph.

Security pros

When it comes to securing an entrance, Element Doors collection has an enormous range of stunning metal front doors that will fortify your entrance while creating an unforgettable look.

Each door is unique, and our collection is influenced by the demanding security needs of clients who seek products using the highest-grade metal.

Metal is superior to wood in terms of security and durability. While wood requires maintenance, a metal door does not. The best thing about metal doors is that they use ultra-thin door frames and can be finished to complement other metal features.

What gives us an edge is the use of hand-sculpted hardware that adds a sophisticated touch to a door.


The Element Doors Edge

Whether you are looking for a metal door to secure your entrance against weather elements or man-made attacks or are seeking an energy-efficient entrance, Element Doors can make a huge difference.

Our array of metal doors in Seattle also include lead-lined doors as a protection against radiation in aerospace and defensive industries.

Element Doors is aware of the trends in the industry. A majority of our customers demand exclusivity to attract attention to their impressive metal door.

A big door always tops the list when it comes to grabbing eyeballs.

Some clients seek doors that are ultimate in height and seem to touch the sky.

These doors are epic and tell an interesting story, besides fortifying the entrance. We are happy to serve your needs.

Come, connect with us today and take steps toward strengthening your residential or commercial building’s borders.

side-view of Commercial Metal Door with glass
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