Steel Doors

Whether protecting a building from theft, a natural hazard, or a manmade disaster, steel doors are a savior, thanks to their lasting performance and longevity.

Steel is a strong and tensile material, which can withstand the vagaries of weather and manmade abuse for decades. Better still, steel doors require least maintenance.

Repairs are affordable and cost less, making steel doors a low cost of ownership option.

Steel is often referred to as “hollow metal,” and the doors made with it are highly in demand.

Element Doors is the leading steel door supplier in Seattle and around the United States, which provides a fast and reliable door replacement solution for all types of door applications.

Steel Doors Are A Craze

Acoustical door assemblies made of steel are the preferred choice for their efficiency in preventing passage of sound through the door opening.

They are installed in meeting rooms, public buildings, hotels, and buildings close to airports and highways.

An increasing number of corporate offices are also opting for steel door systems to create a quieter workplace environment, which translates to higher employee retention and higher productivity.

side-view of Commercial Metal Door with glass

Our Services


Our knock-down metal frame systems are a perfect solution if you are considering remodeling a commercial space. Element Doors understands the value of highly durable doors and windows in an industrial facility. We pride ourselves on our expertise in designing a perfect door and hardware solution that best fits the client's needs.

Custom Builds

Durable, quality, and long-lasting, industrial doors are high performing and make the first choice for their strength and security features. We provide standard and custom-size commercial doors. You can trust us for fast and reliable commercial door solutions. Our team is professionally trained in commercial doors installation, repair, and replacement services.


Unfortunately, there are incidents of break-ins. A neglected door is more likely exposed to theft. We provide replacement of old or damaged commercial doors. By scheduling a door replacement with Element Doors, you can benefit from our expertise to replace old doors with a new set of doors that can make the building safer. You may want to consider replacing commercial doors for added security, fire safety requirements, or jamb broken glass. A commercial door replacement reduces the risk of forced entry or theft. New door replacement can help avoid dangerous situations, security threats, and safety violations. We supply modern commercial doors that are more energy efficient and soundproof. These days, modern commercial doors come with a pop of color to add to the aesthetic appeal.


Element Doors prides itself on its excellence in repairing sagging and damaged metal doors. Our door experts can repair hollow metal doors to ensure safety of your property.

Steel door systems can be used for security buildings, residential apartments, and industrial facilities for:

Element Doors is a leading name in the commercial door industry, which guarantees that our steel doors last for decades with minimal repair and maintenance even in high-traffic areas.

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