3’0″ X 7’0″ HM Door For Stick Frame Construction


3’0″ X 7’0″ HM Door For Stick Frame Construction

$500.00$1,100.00 Inc Tax

& Free Seattle Local Pickup
RO for standard 30X70 door in a Stick Frame Construction
Rough opening for 30×70 door opening for a commercial door

3’0″ X 7’0″ actual size 36″ X 84″ Door size 35″3/4 X 83″ 1/8

5 “7/8 Jamb 4″7/8 Throat NO Lock Prep


Introducing our 3’0″ X 7’0″ Hollow Metal Door, a durable Secure, and versatile solution for your commercial or industrial needs. This door is designed to provide exceptional strength, security, and longevity, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, and is available in fire rating.

Constructed Sheet metal this door combines the strength of steel with a lightweight design, offering a perfect balance of durability and ease of use. The hollow metal core provides excellent insulation properties, contributing to energy efficiency and maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures.

Our 3’0″ X 7’0″ Hollow Metal Door features a sleek and modern appearance, allowing it to blend into any architectural style or commercial setting seamlessly. It comes with a factory-applied primer finish that can be easily painted or customized to match your desired aesthetic.

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Lock prep



5", 6", 7"

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